Bobby Deol opened a secret after the film GUpt was finished 25 years! Sweating when photographing the song ‘Duniya Haseeno Ka Mela’

Superhit film Bobby Deol ‘Gupt’ has completed 25 years. The film starred in Kajol and Manisha Koirala in the main role together with Bobby Deol. Directed by Rajeev Rai, this film is still loved because of its climax, a strong storyline and songs. Now finished 25 years, Bobby has made many revelations about this film.

The famous song from the film Bobby Deol ‘Duniya Haseeno Ka Mela’ which still forces people to dance. In this song, Bobby Deol is seen dancing in a look that is all black. This film dance song becomes Hit Super Duper. Udit Narayan gave his voice for that. After completing 25 years of the film Gupt, Bobby Deol said that it took a lot of hard work to make this hit song. Bobby lost his sweat while practicing for this song.

Bobby said – this is one of my biggest hit and the best album Vuju Shah until now. I hope I can do more work with Rajiv Rai, but have to leave the country for several personal reasons. I still remember when we were shooting for the song ‘Duniya Haseeno Ka Mera’, the arrangement was carried out at Mehboob Studio.

Bobby Deol further tells that “I used to dance with Chinni Prakash Ji and my condition continues to be worse. I used to practice often so that my pants would be wet with sweat, as if someone had threw water. I just wanted to give the best song This is amazing. I remember the day of this song will be released, how Rajiv promotes it, the Gupt bus channel played this song all day. “

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