Knowing the net worth of Katrina Kaif, your senses will be blown away, bought a luxurious bungalow in London !!.

Bollywood’s beautiful actress Katrina Kaif is celebrating her 39th birthday today, Katrina made her debut in Hindi cinema with the film ‘Boom’ in the year 2003.

Katrina Kaif ‘s name is one of those Bollywood names that do not need any kind of introduction. Katrina Kaif is as beautiful as she is, at the same time she is also an equally talented actress. The actress is celebrating her 39th birthday today.

Katrina’s popularity has grown tremendously in the last few years. Her films have earned crores of rupees at the box office, and due to this, Katrina’s fan following has also increased tremendously. Katrina Kaif made her debut in the film industry in the year 2003 with the film ‘Boom’. After this she managed to make her place in the industry on the strength of her talent and acting. Last year she tied the knot with actor Vicky Kaushal in the month of December and now both of them are leading a happy married life. Katrina Kaif is very rich not only from friend falling but also in terms of earning, let us tell you about Katrina Kaif’s net worth.

a movie takes so much money
If media reports are to be believed, then the net worth of Katrina Kaif is said to be Rs 224 crores. Actress Katrina Kaif charges Rs 10 to 11 crores for a film. And not only this, the filmmakers do not shy away from giving them their asking price. Apart from films, Katrina Kaif earns a huge amount through advertisements, if we talk about the advertisement of any brand, then for this also Katrina charges around 6 to 7 crores. On the other hand, her husband Vicky Kaushal charges Rs 3 to 4 crores for his films.

Knowing the price of Katrina Kaif’s bungalow, your senses will be blown away
Let us tell you that Katrina Kaif’s entire family is based in London . And whenever she is able to take time out from her work, she leaves for London to spend time with her family. Katrina Kaif bought a luxurious bungalow in London. Apart from this, Katrina Kaif also has a luxurious bungalow in Andheri West, Mumbai, whose price is said to be around Rs 45 crores.

Katrina is fond of trains
Katrina Kaif is fond of expensive and luxury vehicles, and she has one. The actress also has a great car collection, the actress has a Rover Vogue LWB of Paslund Rover, which costs around 2.5 crores. Apart from this, Kat also has a Mercedes ML 350 , whose price is said to be Rs 80 lakh. Katrina Kaif is also very fond of handbags, and she only keeps handbags of certain brands which are worth lakhs of rupees.

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