Shruti Haasan gave her opinion about mental health, sharing videos and providing important information

Shruti Haasan is quite famous for his acting and singing. Along with this, he is also known for his perfect style. He often puts his words in front of the world through social media. Only about a week ago Shruti Haasan went down to social media and spoke honestly about her battle with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and endometriosis.

Shruti Haasan also shared a long note about PCOS. He talks about fitness routines, a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle adopted to get rid of PCOS and endometriosis. Through this post, Shruti also encourages women who deal with difficult situations such as PCOS.

On the other hand, Shruti Haasan’s post was worried about fans. Many users on social media expressed concern about the health of the actress. At the same time, Shruti got the call continuously from his close friends, who expressed concern about his health. After that Shruti had to clarify that she was fine.

Shruti Haasan once again went down to social media to inform her health and inform him that she was really healthy. Shruti said that she was really good and added that the previous post on PCOS and Endometriosis was only to send positive messages to women.

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