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Accuracy and Authenticity

Every post published here is double-checked. They are accurate to the best of my knowledge. But it is easy to make a mistake. Please read the full article about the review or tutorial before applying or buying it. Blogging is my passion. That’s why I am writing every article with passion and not giving up. You are allowed to ask your own questions at the bottom of each article that is important to you. But make sure they follow our comment policy. You can also contact me in this regard, we keep in mind the accuracy and authenticity of the content of our blog.

Email address

The email address entered in the comment form is required and will never be publicly displayed. They are used for privacy purposes and will never be used for spamming. Never mention your email in the comments. I recommend people have two types of email addresses. One for personal use and the other for personal use. This way you can easily differentiate between personal and private email.

Advertising Policy

We use a number of third-party advertisements to manage this blog. Especially for hosting and domain cost. Google, as a third-party vendor, uses cookies to display ads on my blog. They use the DART cookie to serve ads based on user interests and past interactions. Users may opt out of the use of the DART cookie by visiting the Google Advertising and Content Network Privacy Policy.

Damages and Causes

This is a rare thing. I provide some articles about ethical hacks, which may contain tutorials like tweaking your computer. Those tutorials have already been done on my computer and I’m at no loss. The damage is only if you are doing the tutorial in the wrong way. So always try to read the given whole article. Don’t just give it a look and do the tutorial. www.twestar.com is not liable for any damages caused.

Content Validity

Tutorials, ethical hacks, and other materials are valid at the time of posting. They might not be valid two weeks or two years from now. Content, sources, and links change over time. For example, a tutorial written for WordPress 2.7 may not work for WordPress 2.8. Since they are getting upgraded frequently, the tutorials are also changing simultaneously.

Photos and Graphics Images

I spend a lot of time hunting for photographic images. Most of the images used in the content of my blog are copyright-free and others are edited by me using Photoshop. Some are my creative works. I do not want those images to be misused in any way. I am not responsible to reproduce any of our images in any harmful way. If you find any of our images published illegally, please contact me.

Personal Opinion

My blog is my opinion. I am responsible for the content of my blog. All the articles in this blog are completely based on my personal views. I am 100% honest with all reviews and tutorials. Because I want readers to use my blog. I am solely responsible for the articles contained herein and the agencies I may represent are not responsible. You can always leave a comment expressing your concern at the bottom of the articles. All sponsored and paid reviews are standard and we offer honest reviews.

Copyright Issues

You are not allowed to copy any content without my permission. But instead, if I find out that my content is illegally republished in a blog or website, I will file a complaint with their advertising partners such as Google Adsense and the DMCA department of their web hosting company. Please ensure that you comply with our copyright rules and policies, otherwise the difficulty is yours. Please read our Copyright Policy before attribution.